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    60" Splash Pad - Unique 3 in 1 Outdoor Water Toy Sprinkler

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    • Summer fun splash pad! If you’re not able to invest in a pool to keep your kid entertained, this water toy will be an excellent option that will cool down the young one at the same time stimulate their minds as they have fun outdoors!
    • Splash Pad for Your Backyard. This is a perfect splash pad for toddlers that combines both a inflatable pool and a sprinkler so that your little one can have small fountains at the center of the pool gets filled with water for hours of fun. Spending time in a splash play pad is a perfect way to keep your little one away from the screen.
    • Must Have Family Outdoor Toys. Features a mat for a base creating a miniature water park with lots of things to learn as well as keep the young one cool on a hot day. We understand dogs would be part of the family members, and they love to play with waters as well as our kiddies.
    • Safety is The Top Priority. Splash pad features a 60-inch heavy-duty, environmentally friendly PVC material which is BPA and phthalates free. Meets the standards of international children's toys and can be safely used! A nice gift for toddlers who love playing in the water.
    • Unique Design for Indoor Use. You can own a inflatable ball pit pool by inflating the outside ring with air!


    Product Description

    Feature Bigger 68" splash play mat The size of QPAU is 118” x 72” x 22”, which is over 800-gal water capacity. Comes with a basketball hoop and a ball High arc spray from whale's head & Gentle sprinklers around pool's edge With a cute frog design, blasts water from its wiggle tubes when the eyes and belly rotates. High arc spray from mermaid tail & Gentle sprinklers around pool's edge




    Educational Kiddie Pool

    Your kids can learn letters, animals and colors while having fun. This toddler pool is also a learning mat, so your little ones will soak up knowledge during play!

    NO Cracking & NO Tearing

    The sprinkler mat for kids is 0.4mm thickened PVC material which is BPA and phthalates free, reducing cracking and tearing, more durable.

    Water Mat Sprinkler

    Water play sprinklers spray up high then in the mat. This is a perfect splash pad combo that combines both a swimming pool and a sprinkler so that your little one can have small fountains .

    Safety tips for sprinkler play
    • Please place the O-Ring into the connector to help reduce water leakage.
    • Make sure they won’t get heat burns, place them near a shed or get a large umbrella.
    • Make sure they won’t slip. For avoiding slip and fall, placing on the grassy outdoor spot is useful.
    • Maintain water temperature for toddlers.
    • Do not drag over sharp objects or surfaces.
    • Don't lift/move the mat when it is filled with water.
    • Never leave your kids unattended.